Complexity is the Killer of All Execution...

And as a result, legions of men everywhere struggle to sustain what they started and finish the race…

Who I Am...

I am a life coach, podcaster, author and speaker who show men how to add value to any space they inhabit, create safety for others to thrive, and to lead from the front as my favorite mentor taught me.

Providing an environment of purpose and intention that will transform your life through God’s design.

 “Without Intention, Nothing Specific Happens.” -Chad Farrell

Maybe, Right Now You are in a Place...

  • where your FAITH is being tested to the breaking point
  • where you feel inadequate for the roles in your life
  • where you are not genuinely content with who you are or what you do
  • where you feel nothing but pressure day in and day out
  • where GOD’s voice is a distant memory
  • where you no longer live a life of TRUTH, PURPOSE, & CONVICTION

Now, It's Time to Simplify...

Admit it. Men truly are simple creatures. The more you give us to focus on the less effective we become. I have designed a framework that will help you figure out and align your core values and beliefs, develop in your journey to Biblical Manhood both Physically and Spiritually, and help you understand your #1 Priority as you live with clarity of Vision and Purpose. 

"From the minute I met Chad I knew he would be impacting men all over the world. He is filled with passion and purpose to teach, encourage, and lead you to a hugely successful place in life.”
Niccie Kliegl
Fulfill Your Legacy