Yesterday on the legacy channel I talked about developing and having an attitude of gratitude. It was a tough week. The whole family hardly slowed down. The days seemed to run together.

I took little, if any, time to really appreciate God’s handiwork all around me. The truth is, if God decided not to bless me with anything else he has probably given me more than he probably should have. Given all that is going on in the world we can feel at times like we don’t deserve what we have.

We do. If we wake up each day renewed and take up our cross and follow Christ then he promises us so many things. And we can never do enough to earn his love and grace. We just have to accept it. That our God is a mighty God. He loves us regardless.

At times I am sure he is disappointed in me but he is there in the good and the bad. Take the time this week to stop, look around, and enjoy what he has provided. Really relish in it.

Lastly, let someone know this week the impact they have had on you. People need to know they matter. We need to feel significant and validated. We all have a need to belong. We don’t want to be that old person living in that worn out house that everyone is afraid to go because they have dreamt up all kinds of crazy stuff about you and why you no longer go anywhere or have any friends.

GOD loves YOU for YOU.

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