How much do you give? How much should you give? I have heard it is better to give than to receive. I suppose in all honesty it is one of the easiest things we can do.




Which one can you part with the most. If you are really lucky maybe it all three. Is one way of giving better than others? As long as you are giving something, does it matter if you do it with a heart of cheerfulness? Is it better not to give at all if you can’t do it willingly or will regret it later?

At some point I think we all ask ourselves if we give enough. If we do enough to make a difference. And if we do, will we know or recognize it? What does it even look like? To truly impact someone’s life.

I think we all want to live a life of significance. To somehow not feel so small in this gigantic creation that GOD made. The world population will soon reach 8 billion. Yes, 8 followed by a “B” as in billion. Where is an individual’s place in all of it? Maybe that is the problem. We are looking at this as an individual. Maybe we have not considered that we are one part of a bigger picture.

What part do you need to be a part of? If you really think about it it is not that difficult. Can you just sit and listen? Find a place to volunteer? Tithe regularly? Mentor? Tutor? Help someone start a business? Stand in the church lobby and open the door for people?

Live to Give. You might find yourself amazed at what you will get in return.

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