No one is responsible for you but you.

All the time.

Every time.

Honestly, I should be be able to end  here with no further explanation. But something tells me that would be a mistake.

For God will hold only you responsible on judgement day. All those fears and excuses you have now may work with your boss, your wife, your children. But they will not work with God.

He will hold you responsible for what you do.

It took me awhile to live up to this one. And there are times I want to escape my accountability. It’s the easy thing to do. It helps us sleep better at night when we think things are not our fault. It’s easy to blame others. Make them out to be the bad guy. I know because I have done it before.

It’s a blow to the ego. A shot to our pride. As humans we hate to be wrong and put into a position of having to apologize. Or maybe I am just speaking for myself. It can be humiliating. Mainly because that is what this world will have us  believe. Through media and pop culture. Most people believe this world is all they have.

It’s sad and strange. If I honestly thought this world is all I had I would not be the person I am today. I would be taking in all this world had to offer.

I would be a drunkard.

I would be a liar.

I would be a cheat.

I would be a womanizer.

To hell with any type of authority.

Chances are good I would be in jail.

Honestly, what is the point of living a good life if you have nothing to believe in after this life.  What could you possibly be living a good life for?

To be a good person?

For whom?

Living a virtuous life with no hope or belief in a higher power? That seems like the worst type of fraud.

I know because constantly wearing a mask is soul draining. I have my faith, hope, and accountability because it is God given.

I would hate to know the kind of person I would be without hope in Christ. We were not made for this world.

I am accountable to myself and loved ones because of him. To behave Godly you have to put God in you heart.


It is not easy. There are plenty of days I want to live and be of this world. It would be so much easier. And I have spent a lot of days doing just that. And then for some reason God saw me as  ready to be accountable.  

Now I have a house.

An amazingly beautiful, spiritual wife, and two wonderful kids.

I have my something worth dying for. My reason to be accountable to God first and them second.

Seek God. Give him your earnest prayers. He already knows anyway. What do you think your really keeping from him?

Find your something worth dying for and you will be on the path of accountability.

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