Living in Imagination

For whatever reason there seems to be a certain point in our life where we begin adulting, and lose the ability to imagine the impossible. As a child I had a wonderful imagination. In a time before internet and social media I had to entertain myself for seemingly hours on end. I was good at it to.

Cops and Robbers.

Cowboys and Indians.

Star Wars

G.I. Joe

I can’t tell you how many times I played the 9th inning of the the 7th game of the World Series in my basement.

But for the past few years I have forgotten how to imagine.

How to dream.

How to create and nurture those creations. How to help my kids dream, create, and continue to nurture those creations.

A lot of what you dream up is possible. Now if you are like me and not mechanically inclined, I am never gonna send humans to the moon no matter how big or how cool the spaceship is that I dream up. You must use common sense and discernment for “they will keep you safe on your way, and your feet will not stumble.”

But I am focusing on my talents, my skill set, and how I can use that to dream up ways to reach people.

And another great lesson from my wife.

No is not no.

No is  not right now, not this way.

Remember my story from earlier about not being able to have kids in my second marriage? Even though it seemed earth shattering at the time, it couldn’t have turned out any better for me.

God knew I wasn’t ready. God knew it was not the right time. God knew it was not with the right person. There is even a song about unanswered prayers.

I had to wait until it was God’s time.

You also need to remember more of Solomon’s wisdom from Proverbs. “Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.”

Don’t wait. Make big, bold plans for this year.

Fill yourself and family with Joy. Nurture it. For it will bring forth many memories. And I promise you, one day, memories are all you will have left.

I have to remind my wife, the house will not always look filthy, we will not always be late wherever we go, we will not always be broke.

One day you will wish for you little ones to be little again.

For now plan big. Plant joy and memories in the heart of your children. Teach them as many valuable skills as you possibly can.

I have already told my wife and girls that when they turn 16 they will be spending every Saturday working with their mom and learning her trade. So when they are done with high school they will have their degree in one hand and a cosmetology certificate in the other.

I try to tell my students that the piece of paper that they have at the end of 13 years of schooling merely shows a sustained effort.

It is about achieving one of the first long term goals in their life. It allows you to build self- control and grit.

It has nothing to do with “mastery” of a few academic subjects. It tells your future employer that you can learn something if you just spend a little time on  it.

 It’s a joke our education system thinks a student has “mastered” a subject after spending a measly 180 hours studying it. That amounts to 7.5 days. Barely over a week. Go ahead pick something you have never tried before and see if you can “master” it in just 180 hours. A high school diploma is simply a foundation to build on. Nothing more, nothing less. But I digress.

Lay out your dreams.

Share them with the Lord.

Share them with your kids and spouse.

Keep creating.

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