When Life Happens

So….it was a long week. But, of course, who didn’t have a long week.

After coming back from travelling, my 3 days at work felt more like 6 trying to adjust back to east coast time. If I go to bed early tonight I think I might catch up.

And I can hardly fathom the fact that I had my high noon youtube live show yesterday….and I forgot my appointment with destiny. But such is life. And it is certainly not the worst thing I have forgotten before. Besides, Lord willing, there will be next Saturday and I will move on with my 5 stones of marriage!

And I suppose the upside is my yard looks nice again. And, I have the sunburn to prove it.

But, the real upside is that today is mothers day. A day that I am especially thankful for. Because if it were not for her I would not have the family I do. See, I was once told by the good doctor that I might have kids if I were to do artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. Even on the low end of costs can run 4 grand.

Of course, my mother and all her wisdom, “You just haven’t met the right one yet.” Sure mom. And where did you get your medical degree exactly? Nevertheless, she was right.

I have to try hard everyday to view this with grace and thankfulness. Often, it doesn’t come easy for me. Days like this are made for this very reason. To reset the gratitude meter. To be offered another chance to view things from a fresh perspective.

And, I suppose for all its inherent evils I have to say thank you to facebook. They will bring back pictures you have absolutely no recollection of taking or can even find on the hard drive. It’s a wonderful thing to be reminded of.

Just a few seconds a day. That’s all it takes to remind yourself how crazy life can be. What things pass by without your thinking of it. And what things we need to be reminded are the most important things.

Have a wonderful day to all you mothers out there. I am not sure a “thank you” even scratches the surface.

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