The P.D.A.

No, not your public display of affection. Your practical daily application.

Life is busy. It is nearly impossible in today’s world to find an hour every day to show your spouse you love them. It is just sometimes not practical. My family is lucky if we sit down to the dinner table together once a week.

This is why vacations are necessary. It’s why date nights are necessary

It’s why we need to find something simple and easy that lets our spouse know they are thought about. That they are appreciated. That no matter how busy things I am going to take a minute to let you know you are at the top of my thought list.

I’ll give you two great examples that I talked about in my youtube live show which you can watch by clicking HERE!

I will give you two quick things here to help spark some ideas but I highly encourage you to make it your own.

As men we have to find some confidence. Some bravado. So, I encourage men to find their inner Rhett Butler.

I Don’t know….

How it came to me one day. An inner Rhett Butler. I am a history buff. Love the movie “Gone With the Wind.” There is a line in there when he tells Scarlett that she needs, “to be kissed, and often, and by somebody who knows how.”

That is the confidence we have to find as men. Something that is going to stand out. Something hopefully she has not had in other relationships.

It takes a lot of confidence. We have to dig deep. Face the vulnerable position it places us in.

The second thing you could try is the “cherry and the pit.” I got this from a men’s seminar I went to a few weekends ago. The presenter’s granddaughter asked him one day what was his cherry and pit for the day. Understandably, he was confused and the little girl had to explain that she wanted to know about the best and worst part of his day.

I thought that was pretty brilliant. And, if you think about the best part of someones day can generally be the same from day to day. And the usual question is, “How was your day?”


The magic could be in the pit. It could lead to more insight. Better conversations and questions that you have never thought to ask. It could also allow women to vent and think through things. As women tend to be much more emotional than men.

The question is much more intentional and could lead to a conversation and insight about your spouses day you never even thought about before.

Until next week.

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