A M.A.N.'s Method For Transformation!

“Why are you crying out to Me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward! Exodus 14:15

Do You Struggle....

  • With aligning your passions and purpose?
  • Making your wife your object of Desire?
  • With defining your Core Values and Beliefs?
  • Understanding your place and role as a Christian Man surrounded by a Den of Thieves?

Perhaps you never really thought about a true faith foundation. One that can only be built after making an Exodus from you current position. Maybe you have never understood how to change the patterns and thoughts that are holding you back. Maybe you know exactly what you want but are just not sure what the first step is to getting there.

Have you Truly considered A Man's top priorities?

I mean really ask yourself in this moment, “What should my top priorities be?” “How do I identify them, and then set about obtaining them?” How many days or years have been spent just “SURVIVING”? It was such an awful way to live. And I did for years. 

  • I wanted to know EXACTLY what it would look like to have a CLOSER walk with GOD.
  • I wanted to know how long it would take before he REVEALED his ultimate PURPOSE for my life.
  • I struggled and YEARNED for a deeper INTIMACY with my WIFE.
  • I FEARED every step I took as as Christian Man would be met with utter FAILURE.
I realize I have wasted a lot of time wandering through my “desert of sin”. I needed a change. I needed God to reveal himself. I needed an EXODUS! 

It all starts with a foundation!

You’re probably familiar with what happened to the house that was built on sand. No good would come of it. While this gateway program could help men from many walks of life it will only ring true for those with a desire and willingness to live by God’s design.  I am convinced that there is little meaning and understanding to be had with this world apart from God.

Have you Ever Considered...

  • That your Marriage ranks second only to God and should be on level with the air you breath.
  • That to fail at home is to fail everywhere.
  • That we are designed to be in MOTION, ARTISTICALLY create, and be involved with NATURE.
  • That Problems in Your Marriage reflect Problems in Your walk with Christ.
  • That DESIRE, FAITH, AND VISION are Paramount to your SUCCESS!

Your Love Should be the Labor that Makes Your Family Successful!

Let’s get one thing straight. I am not offering you the proverbial magic bullet. Nothing works without the commitment from you. In order to be transformed the desire has to start from within. This is not about your wife needing to change. It’s not about your kids needing to change. None of them are there for your comfort. They shouldn’t have to “earn” your love and affection. It should be given freely. 

I have seen to many kids whose lives are in utter chaos because the man couldn’t or wouldn’t step up to the place God called him to be. 

  • It does not mean you will be perfect.
  • It does not mean you won’t stumble.
  • It does not mean you won’t have moments of doubt and frustration.

Finishing This Program Will Mean...

  • You will walk with a new sense of confidence!
  • You will know where to find God in the moments of Struggle!
  • You will know how to change the thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back!
  • You will know how to commit to your PURPOSE and inhabit the 4 spaces of MAN!
  • You will know how to align your vision with your core values and beliefs!
  • You will understand the big 4 Keys to Success!
  • You will gain clarity of your design as we discuss My “M.A.N.” Method!
  • You will learn to bring back a passion for youth by simplifying your physical regimen.

Exodus Mandate!

Start The Journey Now!
$ 98
  • Online self paced study

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